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+1 on GottaCarry's numbers. I got into a Dillon RL-550B for just about a grand, but I splurged on a bunch of the optional accessories, and I am also counting my reloading bench as a start-up cost.

Using range brass and FMJ bullets, I reload .45 ACP for about $15/100, which puts me at just under half of the best going rate I can find for bulk practice ammo. My estimate is that I will reload at least 7k rounds of .45 ACP this year; I have 7k as my break even point on the initial equipment investment.

After that, each caliber only needs to make up for the dies and conversion pieces, and that, as said, runs about a hundred bucks (tops). My 9mm runs about $12/100. At this point I have only loaded 600 and that has already saved me about a hundred bucks.

Since I knew I would be shooting thousands of rounds, I never seriously considered a single-stage press, hence the RL-550B. If I get into loading match grade rifle rounds, I may add a single-stage press later, which will be a much cheaper investment.

Good luck!
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