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Yesterday the new copy of American Rifleman arrived and made mention of yet another ballistics calculator which includes trajectory information as well.

It's the latest and greatest so...

Winchester Ballistics Calculator
Winchesters' award winning ballistics calculator is considered the most advanced ballistics calculator on the market, using cutting-edge technology to provide ballistics information for shooters and hunters.

The Winchester Ballistics Calculator allows users to choose their type of ammunition and compare up to five different bullet types with easy to read and high-tech ballistic charts and graphs. Enter specific conditions like wind speed and outside temperature, adjust zero marks for sighting in and print out the ballistics of your favorite load.

Let the Winchester Ballistics Calculator help improve your shooting ability.

The Winchester Ballistics Calculator is powered by Microsoft Silverlight, a cutting-edge technology that enables us to provide rich internet applications through the web. If you do not have Microsoft Silverlight installed, you will be prompted to install it the first time you launch the ballistics calculator. This is a one-time installation

Ballistics Calculator – Explained
1. Choose your ammo – select the cartridge, brand and bullet weight

2. View product description, details and images

3. Choose/edit your shooting conditions – set your own sight-in range, cross wind, temperature, altitude and sight height

4. Hit the "Shoot" button to view the point of impact and bullet trajectory

5. View and print a detailed ballistics chart illustrating key information such as bullet trajectory, muzzle velocity and much more

Source - Winchester Ammunition - Ballistics Calculator
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- Janq
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