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becoming a CCW instructor

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I'm a NV, res and would like to become a CCW instructor . Can you guys help ? :starwars: :starwars:
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Don't know what Nevada requires but usually the NRA Personal Protection course is acceptable in most states. You might investigate becoming an NRA instructor. I am and found it worhwhile.
I did the NRA Personal Protection Course which was accepted by the state. That was the minimun requirement to attend an instructors class and ultimately be certified by the state. After attending the class, we had to take a test and score 80 percent or better. After we scored, we were fingerprinted, FBI background checked and when all was found acceptable, we were issued an instructor number that we are required to put on all applications as well as any advertising we might do for a class. For the law enforcement part of the class we can use a judge,lawyer,prosecuting attorney or any LEO. Since Im a certified LEO, Im qualified to teach all segments of the class, although on several occasions Ive had my Sheriff do it. For individualized classes, I'll do it all myself. If Im doing larger classes, like 20 or more, Ill have someone else do the LEO part as Im usually busy checking applications or paperwork of some sort. The largest class Ive taught in was 54 people at one time using 3 other instructors teaching different segments.

In our state, the Arkansas State Police 5 hour course mimimun is required. Some teach the NRA Personal Protection course which is 8 hours long. We've gotten away from that as we can do the 5 hours course in one day, verses a 2 day course for the NRA course. Most people prefer getting it all done in one day.
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Gg - I too got certified for all disciplines by NRA - and just this weekend was teaching a personal protection course. We offered and did the full deal - over two days with generous range time.

I'd say that getting your cert' from NRA is a good way forward as broadly these course offerings do count for quite a lot. Basic Pistol too is enough in some jurisdictions.

Main plus I get out of teaching this stuff is gaining more shooters, educating newbies and - simply - feeling I am giving something back, even tho late in life.

Naturally - a check on your own state's requirements is a good start.
Not to mention all of the voters... :biggrin:

The more people we can get to tote, the more they become aware,the less stupid anti gun legislation will be passed by idiots and traitors. :chairshot

"Toter Voters" as we call them... :silly: The more ya have the harder it is too pass "crap" as law.
i just pulled up a great quote on the net i thought i'd share here " THE ONLY THING NECESSARY FOR THE TRIUMPH OF EVIL IS FOR GOOD MEN TO DO NOTHING " ED BURKE

and thanks for all the advise on this subject i'll be calling the NRA in the morning to get a list of local people i can go too .
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