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It is too long of a story for me to retype, but I been followed before. (made a post about it way back when I first joined)It was back when only rich people had cell phones. I never found out who it was or what their intentions were, but when I figured out that they were indeed following me and made moves to evade them, they started trying to bump my car off the road. (good thing that the first bump was a glancing blow or else I would have been taken completely by surprise) To make a long story short, I eventually managed to get away, by sheer stupidity and luck.

These days I tend to keep a close eye on my six while driving. I guess I am a little paranoid, but that has caused me to give this well over a decade worth of thought.

If I have reason to beleive that someonw is following me (while driving) I will use a couple of tests to see if they are indeed following, or just happen to be going the same way I am.

#1 If the road allows for passing, I drive slower, to see if they will pass or not.
#2 Change into a lane as if intending to make a last minute turn. If they do the same, change back.
#3 Make a quick turn, into a large open parking lot with more than one exit. Go in and then right back out again being careful not to get boxed in by traffic.

If they are still with you at this point, I would start to become concerned.

I went through all these steps one night with a guy who followed me nearly 50 miles down the interstate. I took an exit or two and then got right back on etc. I probably should have called the police, but I was driving a beater 1ton cargo van, and the guy following me was in a tiny little import. I finally decided to put a stop to it myself. I pulled into a truck stop and pulled up to the pump. I even shifted into reverse and right back into drive to flash my backup lights as if I had put it in park. I then popped my door open a few inches to make it look like I was getting out, but kept it so that I could see him in my side mirror. He got out, and when he got about even with my back bumper I floored it. (not nearly as impressive as it sounds in a wheezy 300,000 mile cargo van) I saw him dive back into his car, but I had time to go all the way around the building which had a one way drive through window on the opposite side of it. Turned the van around in time to block his exit from that side, and promptly asked him what the heck he thought he was doing. In this case I turned out to be the fool. The guy was only trying to tell me my van was throwing off sparks from underneath. It seems I had piece of steel cable hanging out of the side doors that had gotten tangled up under the van and was dragging slightly. LOL! You never know.
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