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One way I've heard of to evade a trail in a vehicle goes like this (bear in mind I've never had to try it, but it seems like it would work OK); Try to get a vehicle or two in between you and your trail and drive until you get to a two lane road (preferably in an urban area with little room to manuver) You will just have to drive for a while, but once you hit a stop light that changes to yellow as you come up on it, don't speed through it or just stop, the way this has to work is that you slow down enough to force that vehicle or two inbetween you and your trail to have no choice but to stop, effectively keeping your trail at the stoplight. At the same time, (proceeding with caution) mash that gas pedal down and clear the intersection. This should give you enough time to make some random turns and lose your trail. If your trail finds a way around your 'buffer' car(s), well, at least you know how serious they are about following you and how serious you need to be about losing them. That part is up to you. :comeandgetsome:
1 - 1 of 53 Posts
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