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Here's a story from a couple months ago...

Driving home from the gun range about 20 mins ago, long country road. Come aross two cars that are stopped and talking to each other, facing opposite ways like two cops talking, but on a 55mph highway... As I am approaching/slowing, the pickup in my lane takes off really fast and the driver of the car in the concoming lane get back in his car. I decide I want no part of this situation and as the driver didn't signal me for help I just drove on.

About a mile later I reach a stop sign where the country road T's with a major 4-lane highway. The stop sign has two lanes, Left and Right. The pickup that was stopped befre was in the left lane. I am in the right. I stop with my front bumper level with his rear bumper so I can see past his tailgate to make my right turn. The pickup driver and passenger are both staring at me, bot not making any attempt to communicate.

He flips it into reverse and backs up trying to get his passenger level with me. I don't like this. I flip it into reverse and back up also, keeping my distance. After we both back up about 10' IU can see the highway is clear to make my right. He's signalling left. I set off right.

He quickly switches lane and turns right also. Getting weird now. They catch up with me and try to pull up alongside me in the left lane. I'm in the right lane doing about 40 (55 limit). I slow down a little hoping they'll pass, but they didn't, instead they matched me as I slowed down. I keep slowing down all the way to 10mph, and the pickup suddenly switches into the lane behind me, at 10mph on a 55mph road. I'm REALLY getting weirded out here.

So I floored it. Wound it up to 65mph as fast as the car will go, and I drive a faster car than most. He's left in my dust. I slow back down to the speed limit and ignore him. Right up until I see headlights approaching me quickly form behind. That same pickup. I switch to the left lane and he's still in the right. He tried to pull alongside me again. I don't know what's going on, but I want out of the situation. (Of course I was CCW, and therefore not eager to get in any confrontation at all)

So as he slows to and matches my speed, 'I throw the anchor out' and pull a U-turn as fast as I can, and then floor it up to 80mph in the other direction. The big pickup has no chance to make the turn and I know there's no place to make another U-turn for abother 1/2mile, unless he wants to turn in the grass median.

I head in the other direction at 80 until head tail-lights are out of sight, then another couple miles before making another U-turn and head back in my original direction. I watch every oncoming car to make sure none were the pickup. When I was sure the pickup was no longer aroudn I turned and drove home.

As I related this story to a friend of mine he pointed out that stopping with my front bumper level with his rear bumper may have made them think I was writing down their license #. Backup up when they did may have reinforced that. Not that it's illegal to do so, but it may explain why they singled me out.

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Scruit - welcome :smile:

I think anyone would have been well phased at your experience.

As you said and I think we'd all agree - having CCW is very much the best reason to want to shake any tail and avoid a confrontation. Does make you wonder tho - still I'll bet - just WTH it was all about.

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Scruit, I say welcome as well. You behaved in admirable fashion. Kept a cool head and did everything you could to avoid trouble. I confess, I'd have been a little bit more than freaked out. In my book, after the second contact it's no longer happenstance or's enemy action. But I think I'd have been making some sort of a police report via my cell on the grounds that the first to report is always considered the victim.

I wouldn't have displayed a weapon, but I think I might have put myself in a defensible position rather than playing "Great Escape" on the interstate. Not that what you did was wrong. Far from it.

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Scruit said:
Yeah, I really go to great length to avoid confrontation when I'm armed. If the shizzle hits the fazizzle then I need to know that there is no possible way I caused the situation to escalate.
I'm the same way. You done good.

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I will add an experience I witnessed on the hwy the other day that ended in an arrest!

Heading home the other day driving down the hwy going west bound about 60 MPH perhaps I noticed in my rear view mirror that a car was switching lanes back and forth fairly quickly with an aggressive style to it and then noticed a van behind the car trying to match it's every move and they were moving about 5-10 MPH faster than I was I would guess. They make it up to me passing me on the left I was center lane and I look over into the first car and it is a woman looking pretty scared and on her cell and looking in her RVM constently (I am assuming calling the cop's) she passes, the van is right on her a$$ and the guy is like hanging out of his window yelling and honking his horn freaking on this lady and aggressively somewhat trying to force her off the road.

I am thinking what the hell is this guy doing? so I kinda stay with it, speeding up a bit incase this guy does succeed in running this lady off the road, I was thinking of assisting her if it came to that because this guy was really being aggressive towards her. I of course was CCWing and many thought's were going through my head as to what to do if he run's her off the road like he is trying to do. I quickly decide that I am going to help her when and if she is run off the road cause the guy is pissing me off at this point and will not let up on her so I committed to myself I would do whatever I had to do to protect this lady even not knowing the situation. By this time the chase has gone on for close to 5 miles and I was really getting concerned for this lady.

I guess that I was right that she was on the cell with the police cause the next thing I know is there is a cop quickly approaching from the rear, passing me and caught up to the van, turned his light's an siren on pulling over the guy. He responds to the lights almost immediately and the lady continues on. At this point I am passing the cop and van on the side of the road and my exit is the next one. I exit and get on the north service road heading back east to stop at a store having to pass the cop and van on the hwy from the service road the other direction and the cop now has back up (2 cop's) and they are doing a felony stop with this guy, like hands in the air at gun point, walking backwards, face down on the ground the whole thing.

So I am at the store and watching them take him into custody thinking the good guy (the lady) won this time. I was glad to see that he was dealt with as he should have been. I never heard anything about it so I am not sure what happened after that or if he was a career criminal or not but I bet he think's twice about road raging anyone ever again. I thought it was very cool the cop's were able to catch him and I was glad that I didn't have to get involved, not that I had to get involved but I commited to help the lady if it came down to it, but I am glad it ended the way it did.

Thinking back on it I should have also called 911 to get the lady some help but I was like dumbfounded as to what I was seeing, I did however incrept his plate # in my mind along with the make and color of the van incase things went bad I would at least have that for the cop's if the guy ran her off the road and just kepted going after that.

Road rage is a very bad thing these day's, I am not sure what the deal is, (stress I guess) but it is stupid if you ask me. I am like cool as a cucumber driving and carrying.

The End............


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Maybe more likely in towns - someone on foot, trailing but seeming to follow. Perhaps too we can include being followed by a vehicle.
In another life [tm] well some still "think" I do that work. Okay for a favor I actually did that "work" recently.

We did not have cell-phones. I might add at times I did have the assistance of LEOs, some Undercover. I have this "problem" with Radio communications and it has to do with a Rouge LEO deciding he preferred the easy money and cocaine better than being a UC LEO.

Just happens what I was doing, afforded very portable mediums of exchange and just a perfect thing to use to barter for Cocaine.

It is said it is very hard to outrun a radio. It really sucks to have a Rouge UC with said Radio and ability to hear just what all the "measures" were for me . I mean a "Good" UC is riding shotgun and with road construction is telling what route changes...Rouge and his new friends just listening in...

So I am a bit jaded and have some NOT ...err...popular views on this "paranoid" versus "being aware" bit. Might have something do with the driver's side back glass exploding from gunfire...I will believe this for my sake.

I was taught some things considered "old school" just how things have always been done. Nothing wrong with new stuff, and applying new technologies, then again no need to re-invent the wheel either.

I have assisted with new folks and still share with some in a different capacity some matters.

Don't be predictable, don't always use the same route, dont' share everything you know, do , go , friends...
Punctual will get you hurt, so for instance LIE about what time you are going to do making a bank deposit at night, or pre-arranged if you say a time, it means 2hrs earlier, or later.

If uncomfortable, pull into Fire Station and hit the horn. For some reason this attracts more attention than doing this at a LEO station.

On the street,/ on foot use mirrors from store fronts, security mirrors in stores, glass fronts of Frozen food aisle, ice cream boxes, ...hey the criminals learn these things in Cell College.

Do not always use the same bank for deposits during the come on, how many of you just walk around the corner at the same time each day and meet up with other shop owners to shoot the bull?

BGs know this, they just sit in their cars and watch, make notes , get a feel for whom has the best bag to snag...

Better to send someone else to run errands - say stick a printer ctg in a fast food sack...with the bank bag and folks just think the person is out getting a new ctg.

Currently the BGs have begun doing something again that is NOT new, kinda like the new generation discovered the Rolling Stones.

Sit in a parking lot and watch the folks leaving handicapped parking slots. Grocery Stores, Drug stores, Banks...

Follow them home. Some even go to Thrift shops and get brown clothes or whatever to represent delivery persons, utility persons, whatever. Elderly just open the door, I mean they do have a "logo'd" outfit, clipboard, even a name badge dealie...

Hence one reason my mom has a hang tag for handicapped parking and not plate. Just too darn easy to say "hey, handicapped person, lets follow them?"

Thinking outside the box is NOT insane.

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different outcome.

For fun sit in diner and listen. You will hear where the extra key to house is hidden in back yard, whom is having an affair and with whom, the spare key to vehicle in a magnetic key box is under the fender, "1, 7, 2, 9" is the sequence of #'s to open their vehicle door, alarm code is <such and such>, on Thurs they do not turn on alarm because cleaning lady will be there at 9AM,and that is the morning they have to be somewhere...

And the persons sitting next to them are BGs. Nice couple, just listenting and making notes, making notes of jewelry...and pick whom and when they will visit.

9AM Thurs sounds good, Cute couple must have written down the wrong address of Grandma..."can we come in and use your phone book?" they ask the cleaning lady...

Wonder how they stole the Jeep out back, ...up under the fender remember?

CCW is great. Just sometimes one is best to use other tools in the toolbox...

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First, I don't think I'll post a pic of myself EVER in here.:haha:

This happened many moons ago and way south of the border where I used to live. This place has a very strick anti-gun and anti-CCW laws so I had no gun with me. Since I usually went home very late, I had developed a route that took me by a government building protected by soldiers and 2 police stations. My thinking was that if I felt threatened, I'd make a beeline at full speed for one of this places.
One particular night I just got off from work around 3 am and driving on my way home when a car got behind me a tad more closer than people usually do down there at that hour. I guess that was enough for me to feel nervous. I slowed down some and then accelerated several times and the vehicle following me matched my moves. This was enough and I decided to put my plan in action.
The closest "safe area" was the goverment building. The parking lot of the building is open to the public but constantly patrolled by soldiers sporting FALs and I had made the point of waving at them every night on my way home and they returned the wave to the long hair guy in the puke yellow old Toyota Landcruiser. I barrelled inside the parking lot and stopped near the closest soldier and yelled "That car is following me! They are trying to rob me!"

I guess that whomever was driving the car did not know the area because the idiot actually followed me in! Next thing I know the soldier is screaming at his buddies and pointing his FAL at the idiot's car. Seconds later, the car is surrounded by 6 or 7 soldiers yelling at the top of thier lungs for them (there were 2 inside the car) to get out. Some officer showed up and, after some quick explanation of what had happened and finding that the BG's were armed with revolvers, told me I could go and that they would take care of the idiots for trespassing and carrying weapons in a Military "Safety Zone."

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Truth is, only 2 people from Forums have actually met me in person.

Many friends on forums whom I communicate with a LOT off-forum via PM, email, and landline. We know each others voices.

Now as a matter of fact I have been asked to have photos made, my real name and username(s) will not be used. Any that do know me have/will be advised to play dumb.

One reason I quit competition, which was a "excuse" for traveling, is the simple fact I was followed to a range, I left in a bit of a hurry and the folks, one being a EP (Excutive Protection)got me out of there, other trusted folks took care of getting my guns and equipment. I left the range in the trunk of a vehicle. Just went into to clubhouse to use restroom and never came out.

I do not have any photos of me, or close friends, destroyed them. Example - 14 medals won from shooting given away, and those were won using another name. Never kept any trophies, and such, I accepted the guns, equipment and monies of course. Just never accepted anything engraved with my name. Truth is, didn't want to dust the darn things, I knew I shot what I did, let the club save the trophy for another time...not cheap some of these plaques and all.

I mean I have been invited to learn how to shoot from folks I do not know - or them me. I can be as dumb as a brick and spout anti-gun stuff , how hunting is bad and all sorts of crap. Perceptions...Perceptions are a good tool to use. So with a 1911 style Concealed on my person " oh no, guns are bad" and as these folks laugh, get mad, call me bad names...I grin and walk away.

The deal was "then" as it is "now". Some folks I do not speak to first, they may be "working". In return they do not speak to me first - I "may" still do that work...or not a good idea to talk about some matters in public.

I may be standing in a store and someone will ask / say something, "You ever tried this <whatever>? My/ our reply dictates if safe to speak in public.

In my day we called these Professionals. They roamed around. Some bypassed alarms, some were safe crackers, some kidnapped folks, and or held family at bay while they took the persons to get business and safe opened.

A good friend was kidnapped and rode around in his vehicle trunk for hours. Until wee hours of the morning he was forced at gunpoint to open safe and then beaten.

His incentive to NOT use the alert code on alarm system was the simple fact his wife and kid were being babysitted by two folks of this Professional outfit in his home...they were inside, had bypassed the home alarm and waiting.

Some time passes, and I get a phone call to come to a Prison out of state. I head out. I listen to one person, tell me face to face I was the intended target that night my friend and his family had such a BAD experience.
I listen very intently to the who, what, when and wheres. I Mean it had been some time and this person told me about MY life, My appearance, all sorts of things ...Pros do their homework.

"You were the most PITA person to keep up with. We thought you had made us, so we hit up that other guy. Did you have us made ?"

Truth is - yes I was suspicious of one of the vehicles, I noted it and had made a call to a buddy of mine.

What kept them from kidnapping me, was not my phone call to that buddy, was the simple fact I answered a phone in the front of the business , looking across the street as one does.

Wrong number, Pros thought I had called the Police.

My prior call in was delayed and involved car number 3 if you will...working UC my buddies had not checked messages.

Luck is a great tool if you get it.

One of my friends , a UC LEO got into a really tight spot. Seems his new friends had made him, rummaging thru his rented mobile home.

He called me with a code word, pre-arranged. I in turn called whom I knew I was supposed to call. I am not LEO, never been. Still this person was my friend, and in trouble. He had been there for me.

My idea , I walk right into this bar, get into his face about messing with my girlfriend, and punch him. Surprised him to say the least. LEO were called (just happened to be close, imagine that) and we both get offensive, and pepper-sprayed, tossed into squad cars and carted off.

He got rid of long hair, beard and went back to White Collar crimes, his former buds think he went in the system for something else.

One never forgets the first time pepper sprayed, he said his third time was no fun either.

I know how he was made, very simple , his buds noticed a visitor to his mobile home, in jeans and such, wearing a Sam Browne Belt. Akin to the Wilderness belts of today. No gun or nothing, just "why would a person be wearing one if not a cop".

Perceptions can work for you - and against you.

I have sat in a jail cell adjacent to folks to listen. I have been close enough to hear what criminals think. I have listend to a gang-banger wanting to leave a gang. It is amazing the things one learns.

Crooks are not always dumb and stupid. Cell Colleges teach a lot of stuff to be used next time out on the street.

Concentration is mentally keyed up - physically relaxed

There is also a fine line in being Cocky and Confident.

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Seems a safe bet Steve - to play safe and expect that any BG's will in fact be good at what they do!!

I always hope any I meet will be the dumb brigade but - not a good thing to assume.

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VERY wise words Steve.............Keep an EVER VIGILANT posture about One's Self........Sometimes, few words generate books of knowledge and wisdome..It's the ears and eyes that assist us to learn the most
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