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Saw the link to this sight on another board - and took a look. belge/a a artisans identifies gb.htm

It would take ages to look thru everything but there sure is some fascinating stuff there. Most is to do with old gunsmiths long gone but a few are present day. Can't hot link the pics unforunately, at least not the ones I tried.

This page shows some superb shotgun engraving.

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WOW, impressive! the engraving is very, very, good. I love nice shotguns!


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Enough Reading There For A Year!

BTW: I LOVE engraved firearms and Guns As ART.
Like most folks....The cost is what keeps me from getting one of my own fully engraved or at least w/ partial coverage.

I'd love to own a SIG with maybe a nicely engraved slide.:yup:
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