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bellyband/holster combo

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I've used a Defender bellyband from for deep concealment for quite some time. I have gotten away from the bellyband somewhat of late due to finding some holsters that work well for me, but I still use it when the situation calls for it. I used it on the vacation this past week as I had several different pistols with me, and it works well with all of them.

I have often thought about using an elastic band in conjunction with a holster for CCW as this would combine the good points of the bellyband (weight distribution, tuckable, no hooks or loops on the belt) with a holster (easier to reholster, better fit to particular weapon).

I just found such a product. It is from Horseshoe Leather.

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Lee - I have tried most all combinations and did try the Defender - tho in that case due to it riding up - treated it more like a lower chest band! Mine is black - a white or actually flesh tone would be much better.

I also have a SmartCarry but that only ever comes out when deep means deep and all other options are gone. Usually R9 in pocket will do.

Once I settled finally on a tight-to-body belt slide hi-ride OWB - I have really never looked back. Admittedly I do require outer cover and the Smith&Alexander vest does that, even in hot weather.

As ever - I guess it is always gonna be what works - for the individual. Body shape, circumstances etc. My holster box is testament to my ''testing;'' process :biggrin:.
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