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Your weave belt will not get it done. BTDT hated it. Get a belt designed for a holster. They have a cant built in to them to make carrying much better and easier. Also be sure to get the width belt closest to the loop size of your holster. This will help with shifting. So you will want to see what size loop your pants are (1.5" is pretty common) and get a holster and belt that will match up to that pretty close.

I'm wearing a Galco right now. They go to 50" without having to custom order them. Whatever you go with you should probably go up one size. The holster will take about an inch of your belt. For example I wear 38" waist pants, but have a 40" belt. This allows me to stay in the middle hole of the belt with a holster.

All the suggestions are quality belts and should serve you well. I have to dress on the nicer side so a Wilderness belt doesn't fit my needs, so I cannot comment on it, but others love them.

1 - 1 of 25 Posts
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