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Benelli M2 For Sale (Sold)

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Benelli M2 26" Barrel all black. I had the gunsmith put a double bead on it. It was bought new in 2010 for a friends son. He put around 20 rounds through it. I bought it in 2013 I think. I've used it for duck and goose gunting since then. It has operated flawlessly. I use synthetic oil only. It's a great gun. The only reason I'm selling is because I bought the same exact gun with the recoil reduction system on it. Best I can guess is around 800-1000 rounds through it. It's just getting broke in. It has some wear from use, not abuse. I have the box, papers and I think all of the chokes. I would have to check if someone is interested in buyin it. I can text pics to anyone that is interested. $715 shipped to your FFL.

Like always, open to trades.
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I'd like to see a pic if you can post one here.
I can email or text. Changing price to sell quick. 715 Shipped to your FFL.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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