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Anyone else champing at the bit for the release of the Beretta ARX100? G&A has a pretty good review of the rifle online. I'm not a big reader of the gun rags, and I do take those reviews with a grain of salt but in this case I'm intrigued. After all, this isn't a brand new platform with lots of bugs to shake out- it's basically a civilian version of the battle tested '160. Here's the Cliff Notes version: It's a 3rd gen rifle with all the features you'd expect. Ambi everything- really everything. You can even change ejection from left to right. It takes M4 mags including all gen P-Mags. Full continuous top rail with other rail sections on the forend. Folding & telescoping stocks. And the really cool bonus- barrels change in minutes, and they promise it will launch with .300 AAC Blackout & 6.8 barrels ready to go!

MSRP is $2k, and they are "strongly encouraging" dealers to not exceed this. So unlike the SCAR this one might actually have a street price in the $1500-ish range.

I'm looking forward to this one!
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