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Bersa 380 Thunder Plus

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Just picked up another Bersa - a 380 Thunder Plus - and took it right to the range. Fired 50 rounds right from the box (American Eagle 90g ball). I had no issues in loading, feeding and firing - putting all but 1 round in the center circle at 15 meters. The double stack grip is very comfortable and 15 round capacity is awesome.
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I have been eying the Thunder 9 myself. I saw one at a gun show last weekend and it looked very nice. Thanks for the review on the 380. I do not own one but I have heard good things about Bersa.
I have a Bersa Thunder .380 Plus, 15 round magazine, and for $10,000, I'll sell you the only spare magazine for yours on the continent.....nevermind, I decided to keep it.

Good luck finding spare mags, I've had an order in at my gun shop for about 7 months now.
Sweet. I like that gun a lot. That magazine issue sounds scary though. :gah:
I guess i could stop sounding so frustrated...I LOVE the gun, but am having a hell of a time getting a spare mag for beware of THAT little problem, otherwise, the gun itself is terrific.

There...Maybe that's not so cynical...:rant:
I and the wife carry the 380
I the thunder ,her the CC
We would not trade them for any other
very good gun ....
Everywhere I check for a 15 round magazine they are listed as "backorder" or "out of stock"....grrrrrrrr. No problem with the Thunder 7 round mags though. Bersa makes a very good weapon and I would have gladly pay a few extra dollars for one if they would have include another magazine.

Geds: 7 months... WTH?! Guess I'll have to take extra special card of the one I have

And not cynical here either... It is a fantastic pistol
I have the Bersa Thunder .380 CC and really love it! I told my wife that this is one weapon that I do not see myself EVER selling or trading.

If you haven't already go to bersa talk and check out the forum.
:: Bersa Talk ::
My Bersa Thunder 380 is one of my favorite handguns. Great gun and wife loves to shoot it as well.
one more .380 Plus pic


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Try this for extra mags:

Your Gun Parts, Inc.
Try this for extra mags:

Your Gun Parts, Inc.
I have ordered from yourgunparts. They are an excellent business to deal with. I placed an order for a few items, Most were in stock one was not. I recieved a phone call asking me how I wanted my order handled that same day. They even waived the shipping costs on the out-of-stock item and shipped it priority when it came in. I absolutely love my 2 bersas. The wife and I wouldn't part with them for anything.
I Love Bersa'a great guns

They only have one problem, the mags are hard to find.
Thanks for the heads up about Your Gun Parts, inc!
They had the magazine I'm looking for in stock and it's getting shipped out as I type this!
I really like my Bersa .380
it perty much goes everywhere with me and has all but replaced my XD for everyday carry.
Had my first feeding issue with my Thunder. Tried some Remmington 92g ball Czek import that gave me a few feeding problem. American Eagle 90g ball and Federal Hydroshocks fed flawlessly.

Great weapon!
Your Gun Parts, Inc is factiastic!:hand10:
The 15 round mag I ordered Thursday came in Saturday! Not bad form Vagas to Va.
Your Gun Parts, Inc is factiastic!:hand10:
The 15 round mag I ordered Thursday came in Saturday! Not bad form Vagas to Va.

ok, i ordered a thunder PLUS magazine the day after my last post in here, which was february 26th. So that means i placed an order with YOURGUNPARTS on the27th of Feb.

my magazine came in TODAY.

It's May 2nd.

not saying it's the fault of YOUR GUN PARTS at all, butm MAN, i wasn't kidding when i told you guys these mags are hard to come by.

If you are impatient about getting spare mags for your handguns, the bersa thunder 380 plus is not for you.
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