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I'm not really concerned much about the alloy frame...most carry guns have them and they seem to hold up well. I personally think that Bersa's are highly underated. I see lots of them at the range when qualifiying people for CCW permits and most have them have run without a hitch.

For the money, I beleive its one of the best values on the market. Here you have a first shot double action capability with single shot action after that, a feature that is seen on many high dollar guns.

Keep in mind that Bersa recommends a minimum 200 round break in period. I've known of several cases where the gun was "stiff" at first with some FTE and FTF's but after several boxes of ammo the problems took care of themselves. A few shooting sessions with it and all is well.

Size wise, its hard to beat and heck...its a .45. While not as expensive as most other guns, it'll do exactly the same thing..for less.

1 - 3 of 12 Posts
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