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Take a look at the main Bersa forum,, and you'll find everything you ever wanted to know about Bersa's. I personally own four of them, the compact 45, compact 9, a full size 9 and the 380. As someone has already said, they are probably the most under rated and best value for the money gun sold today. I think all the Bersa models are outstanding values for the money and would recommend them to anyone. I've put at least a thousand rounds thru each of my guns without so much as a burp (with one exeption) and they are very user friendly - especially for lefty's - with ambidextrous safety, slide catch and mag release. The compact 45 holds 7 shots and the compact 9mm holds 10rds (a 13rd mag is soon to be available). The full size 9 holds 17rds.

That being said, there were some issues with the 45 you should be aware of. There were problems with weak recoil springs in early production models made prior to '04. Later models seem to be as reliable as the rest of the Bersa line. For owners of earlier model Thunder 45's (like me) the recoil spring problem appears to have been solved with new springs recently sent from the factory to the importer, Eagle Imports. They can be ordered from the importer or a site called for $2 each if you want new springs. Aside from the weak recoil spring's on the 45 causing an accasional failure to completely feed a round into the chamber (a tap on the rear of the slide completed the seating), I've never had any problem with FTF, FTE or anything thing else that I'm aware of with any Bersa. They are accurate and very solidly built. I'd trust my life to one... in fact I do just that every time I carry one. I've already posted pix of my UC45 with a few accessories for it and a target from my last practice session. Links are below if anyone wants to take a look.
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