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Better Late than Never

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Well I suppose I should've done this when I first got on. Oh well. I live in Michigan, I go to school at MSU. I've grown up on a couple larger ranches and spent some time in Wyoming working for the -93, the TX, and the JJ ranches. Just got my CCW last year. I carry a Springfield four inch XD- .40. I spend most my time working, studying, hunting, and making sure the ladies know who I am. Nothing special, just am who I am. I carry because I don't believe someone else has the right to take advantage of me. I am a Christian and I believe you had better be right with God before you try and jump me because I'm going to set up a meeting with you and Him if you do try.
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Welcome Cowboy! :smile:

Glad you have your CCW - settle here a while and join in with some good fellow carriers. We share both a great responsibility, and willingness to share our thoughts.
Welcome to, RidemCowboy! Glad you found us. :smile:
WELCOME RidemCowboy!

Thanks for registering & great introduction.
Yep, you sure are gonna like it here!
Some Of The Best Folks On The Web...found right here.
:shakehand :wave:
Welcome RidemCowboy, Glad you found us. Now pull up a comfortable chair and join in the conversations.
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