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Bianch B9 Belt vs ?

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Recrently got a Bianch B9 belt, 1 3/4" leather belt with "fancy stitch". Belt is nice and replaces normal western style dressy belt. I do not have a Beltman or other high end leather gun belts to compare. How does the B9 compart to the others?
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I have never owned one of theirs (Bianchi). If it works for you and holds your gun in place, then I would be happy. I have a Beltman and it works well. No reason for me to try another brand - and I would say the same could be true for you. Stick with what works - holsters, belts & guns. We are all a little different. So there is no right\wrong brand in most cases. But if it works and looks good, I say it is a keeper.
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