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Bianchi CarryLok or SnapLok?

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For those of you that have used one/both, which do you prefer? I tried the CarryLok and liked it but am interested in the option of fast on fast off. Is the SnapLok as stable as the CarryLok? Does one conceal better than the other? Does one ride higher than the other? I can't find a local shop that has both, only the CarryLok. Also, I'll be carrying on a 1.25" belt. I've found ways to make the belt slots smaller (thanks to forum members here) but could I make the 1.5" SnapLok loops smaller too or would they be stuck at 1.5"?

Thanks for your input. (Please don't suggest other holsters unless they're very similar in design and have a similar retention feature, I've looked at them all and I like the secondary retention.)
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How about the Paddle?

I wanted a Snap Lock but like you, I didn't like the barrel sticking out of the bottom.

My requirements were 1) quick on and off and 2) some kind of retention other than a tension screw. I ended up getting the Paddle Lock for my full size 1911.

It sits high on the belt (I use a 1 1/2 inch belt) and is very easy on and off. Don't know how it would work on a 1 1/4 inch belt.

An added plus with this holster is that it is adjustable for crossdraw, so if you are on a long car trip, you can carry it that way more comfortably than strong side.

I love mine.
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