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This should be a required class, take the mystery out of guns and hopefully this will help prevent the so-called accidental shootings. If kids knew about guns and what can happen when they are misused they will have more respect of them and less likely to mishandle them.

Bill would create high school firearms classes in NC

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — Math, English, gym — and firearms education.

Those could all be high school course offerings in North Carolina if a bill currently before the legislature becomes law.

House Bill 612 would allow local boards of education to decide whether to offer a comprehensive firearm education course as a high school elective. No live ammunition would be used or present.

High school principals would approve course instructors.

The course would be developed by the State Board of Education and would incorporate safety education as recommended by law enforcement agencies or a firearms association. The class would also discuss science, history and math — as they relate to firearms.
Bill would create high school firearms classes in NC | WNCN

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My high school had a competition rifle club. Safety was paramount in the course material.

Of course back then, every pickup truck in the student parking lot had a 30-30 or a 12 gauge (or both) hanging in the rear window gun rack.

I hope this bill passes in NC and other states follow suit,
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