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Blackhawk Gladius !

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I Carry sevreal Surefire lights while on duty 6P , M3 and the E2D. Love them all , but I'm going to be getting the Gladius with in the next week or so, I like all the features it has, like the strobbing ( love it for searching.) Just curious on your all thoughts ! :twak:
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wow no comment on the gladius uh ! I figured i would here alot about it good or bad !
Just a ? from a non LEO but.....why would you not want constant on for a search?
The idea of the strobe came from its use on traffic stops and apprehending criminals. When an officer does a traffic stop at night and the person exits the verhicle in a rapid or threatening manner, the high powered strobe light light can completely disorient the person that is looking directly at it and it completley destroys what little night vision the person the officer precious seconds to react.

Usaully a person catching a light in the eyes will usaully stop right where they are at, because they simply cant see. It works great on drunks and druggies that want to fight, because they cant see where to hit or where you are moving to, giving one a great advantage. If it catches them unawares, they wont know how to act.

I was pretty sceptical of them at first, but one of the officers on my shift hit me with one when I exited out of the car in the parking lot. It took me several minutes before my eyes adjusted and I quit seeing spots burned onto my eyeballs.:gah:

They are pretty pricey, but if buying one gives you the advantage in a fight and keeps you from a trip to the E.R. then the money spent on it is well worth it. sure to give us an indepth report when you play with it. I may break down and get one myself. It seems like itd be another valuble tool in which to cheat with...:image035:
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