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Bleeding fish

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We all know that bleeding fish attract sharks, right? On land, the saying is: "If you look like food, you will be eaten." Most of us condition yellow folks generally don't go around looking like food.

I recently found myself violating the above. A short while ago I had some work done to fix an old sports injury. A few days later, I was walking home from a neighbor's house with my arm in a sling, not feeling so great physically. It was only a short walk, in our nice, "no-crime" neighborhood, and I perceived no threats, even in the evening darkness. Then I noticed it - my demeanor. I was a bleeding fish. I wasn't looking around, I wasn't maintaining my normal erect posture, and my attention was focused about six feet in front of me on the sidewalk. I didn't feel good enough to enjoy the bliss of "condition white," so I'll call it "condition gray," as in: in a fog. Fortunately, my neighborhood remained serene that evening, and I didn't have to pay for my lack of vigilance. Half way home I finally "woke up" and began to pay heed to the surroundings.

I thought I might pass this experience on for the benefit of others who might make this mistake. I think I let my ailing body convince my mind that it was time to take a day off. I am going to make a point of doing a little self-assessment each day before I go out in order to make sure that a cold, headache, or other malady doesn't drag me down to the level of a bleeding fish.

It bothers me that in spite of years of martial arts and shooting, I dropped my guard and might as well have pasted a target on my back. It was a cheap lesson, fortunately. Remember, even if you're a "sheepdog," if the dog stays home, all that's left is the :sheep:

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You have given it thought thats important. Older you get the more you become a bleeding fish and the sharks quickly notice. The weaker you look the better and easyer a target you make.

You now know you were lucky you did not get attacked. Next time you may not be so lucky.

Around my crime infested cowtown. (20 days into 2006 and 85 reported robberies) This give you a good idea why I keep telling everyone to be armed and ready to defend themselves.

Just last night this Blanca's guy was washing his girl friends auto at a local car wash around 10pm. The car wash was located in what I call the Hispanic death zone.

Well guess what happens up drives two Hispanic dudes both big over six foot and 200+(Yeah there some BIG ones) They demanded his money he said hell no.

They did not know this little Blanca's guy they were trying to rob was a 21 year expert in the martial arts.

Well one guy grabed for his pocket and quickly got his nose broken. Then the other guy pulled a large knife and attacked.

Well he was quickly disarmed and our Blanca's guy took the knife and stabbed the bad cuacracha in his leg. Well the guy with busted nose took off on foot and the stabbed dude jumped in to his auto and picked up his pal and off they went.

Well our local hero was lucky he had this combat type training and was in good condition so as to be able to defend himself.

Many of us myself included are no longer in really great condition. We must rely on fire power to get us through such tight jams.

Only mistake I feel our local Blanca's guy made was when he had control of that knife he did not kill the attacker maybe both of them. Now the guy is gone but from the news paper report he now knows the name of the guy who disarmed and stabbed him.

From my training of many years ago we were told when attacked you try to kill the attackers IMHO thats still is good advice.

Anyway you'r safe and I am sure you might get another chance to be on guard and ready for another attack.

Like in Bull riding(you get hurt or killed) it's not if.. it's.. when.

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SSKZ - fear not - you are not alone!!

Two big things can be highly distractive when it comes to yellow maintainance.

1) Like you, physical discomfort/pain - on days when my back is giving hell, I have found myself being introspective and occasionally far too wrapped up in my local little zone. I usually catch this quickly but happen it can and does.

2) Mental saturation - let's call it. You have maybe had a bad time with a client, the boss (wife LOL!) has ripped you a new orifice, you are just absorbed in some mental conundrum - all this is so taxing that the usual alertness can be compromized.

I think we might all if totally honest know darned well our yellow is not foolproof or guaranteed. I daresay we take special efforts when in certain places, probably to the exclusion of our personal mental or physical distractions, but those times when we might normally expect to be safe, are the times when vigilance can wane for brief spells.

I met some folks from flying clubs today for a lunch at local Hosses - nice group of guys - and at least once I was so absorbed in conversation I for sure was not as aware as usual. Didn't last long but - I know it can happen.

We just need to be doing our best and practice that best.

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Good Thread.
Yes, when we look sick we look like we are bleeding....and kid yourself not ~ that when your arm is in a sling you ARE at a REAL (as well as a perceived) disadvantage.
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