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Blue Gun options?

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I have done some searching, and have found some threads (some closed) on Blue Guns and Airsoft-type, for "training" purposes, but I have something else in mind, and could not find a Thread related to what I am looking for.

1. Company has a "No Fireamrs" policy, and I intend to honor that policy, and work towards modifying that policy to allow CCL holders, as approved by Managment, to carry on Company premises.

2. I have a SmartCarry on the way, and intend to carry Glock 23 as often as I legally can.

Question: Is there a "Blue Gun", simulating the Glock 23, that would ALSO simulate the WEIGHT of the Glock 23, so that I can get used to carrying ALL DAY, while following Company Policy?

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Thanks. I was so busy looking at Blue Guns, I didn't look at the Red Guns. This appears to be exactly what I want.
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