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5 :toilet: My Highest Rating.

In The Gravest Extreme
By Massad F. Ayoob

This is one everyone should have on there shelf.
Very enlighting in some spots. Good info on when to walk away vs fight it out and some myths on shootings.

The chapters

Covers when you can use lethal force,Disparity of force i.e a 60 year 130 pound old man against a 19 year old 200 pound man. Equal Force

And the Reasonableness of your response. bare fear vs reasonable Fear the im just plain scared of the stree punks vs the taunt of im going to kill you.

Escalation of force and what it means for you .

Goes into the Dangerous Myth of citizens arrest and what a bunch of trouble you can mange to get your self into.

Some good info on women and gus and when to use a gun in your store as a store owner.

The gun in your home and what kinds of steps and plans you should make up if you home is invaded..

Heres something that really surprised me "If you ascertained that the man you have the drop on is a deliberate intruder into your occupied home (and therefore by definition a deranged or vicious enemy) if you are certain that he has a weapon in or at hand; if you and he are in positions where he can shoot or stab you ----

Shoot him. In the back if you have to. And keep shooting him untill he is unable to shoot back"

Wow this one will get a whole other post to discuss that statment.

Also talks about buying off you assaliants in the street by tossing a match book with a 5 or 10in'er in it and tell um to buy a round on me hopeing that will be enough and if not and it turns into a gunfight .. It will look good for you becuse you tried to even buy your way out of the fight.

Theres a lot of good stuff in this book and more statments of the dont challenge just him him kind..

Also a section on gun choice its out of date since most the guns arent made anymore and alss this is a spot where the 45 meaning 1911 in this book is for a expert only i dont agree but each there own opinions.

Only cons some info outdate like gunselection the 45 must be a expert thing is off base i think.

All and all a must buy at only about 10 bucks ya cant lose.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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