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Stupid Lawyer Tricks

Pyrolyzer said:
Many authors in this field don't pay any attention to the legal ramifications of use-of-force. Ayoob is one of the few that do. He generally seems to fall on one end of the spectrum of those who do. That is, he advises to use as little force as is minimally necessary to resolve the issue. I wouldn't provide a copy of this book without also providing Gabe Suarez's The Combative Perspective and Jeff Cooper's Principles Of Personal Defense.
I did get some useful observations about the nature of legal proceedings and the mindset of antigun prosecutors and a gentle reminder that the cops aren't necessarily your friends in the aftermath of a civilian self defense shooting.

I also enjoyed some of Ayoob's "Stupid Lawyer" tricks and the counter arguments that can effectivey neutralize them. My favorite: Somebody gets your deposition or you're on the stand and you get asked if you "regret your actions." Now, of course anybody is going to "regret" having killed somebody and even if you don't you're probably going to say that you do so as not to look bad in front of a bunch of jurors who lack your survival mindset! But in the context of a courtroom, "regret" seems to suggest GUILT.

The proper response would go something like this: "Regret? NO, I don't regret shooting the perpetrator. I GRIEVE for him and for his family. I GRIEVE for what HIS actions FORCED ME TO DO!" yada yada yada. Ayoob has several o9ther situations and advice. At least this gives you a heads up for what lines of questioning to be aware of that may pose a trap for the unsuspecting.
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