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I’ve known Mas since the Summer of 1993, when he was out at my former home range in Bulverde, Tx. working with my Gunsmith Greg Ferris in the aftermath of his second shooting that occurred in his gunshop that used to be in San Antonio when gang members attempted to rob him. He gave me an autographed copy of that book that I still have to this day; much of what Mas teaches is IMHO still relevant, and while there may be some differences in lethal force laws that vary from state to state, the concept that “there is a District Attorney Attached to every bullet that exits your firearm” (his words) so you had best be sure your life is truly in danger when you squeeze that trigger is relevant everywhere, regardless of the laws In your jurisdiction.

Over the years I ran across him teaching a class out there over the years, and while some find him a bit abrasive, I’ve always gotten along with him quite well and exchanged emails from time to time regarding his articles. I think his book is a great place to start when one decides to start carrying a weapon for their defense of themselves or loved ones.………..
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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