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Not quite a CCW book but thought some people might be intersted i work as a repair tech so im used to tearing stuff up :)

Before ya open it ya notice its sprial bound the best way to have this kind of manual ..

First few pages are the standardsafty stuff i wont delve into it ..

Chapter 1-2 These cover The History of glock and stuff they made before they got into pistols covers years models were made and the refinements.

Talks about traing guns the different mags. Also goes into the Safety Devices and the way the operate.

Chapter 3-4-5

Cover your nrmal field stripping and cleaning and lubeing. Basically says there 5 spots to lube the glock and thin lube only not a ton.

Function gove over how to test you Safetys with the pistol aprt and together to check each out.

Chapter 6 Covers Diagnostics

only 2 pages in this chapter but list about every problem and fix you could expect in a nice easy to search format.

Chapter 7 Complete Disassembly

This is where the Sprial binding comes into its own and the book

Starts off with a Slide Disassembly with nice and large and Clear pics havent seen a manual this good in a long time..Also has tips for each step as you go warns you when you might shoot something across the room to.

Frame Has a Nice big pic just like slide to show all the parts you expect to remove if need be.. i love there bench block in this section its a roll of duct tape ...At least there practile.

The break down is easy to read here also..
This section also tells you how to install the coil trigger spring or the 2 new york trigger springs setups as these are a plastic kind of housing with almost looks like a bic ink pen spring.

Also in same area it tells you about changing the Connector which some like to do to get a lighter trigger pull.

Quick couple pages on Mag takedown Then one this is only feature i have seen i think should have been moved .. Why put what to look for cracked broken etc etc at the end of the section.

Chapter 8 Funny Enough Reassembly :hah:

Again excellent pics and tips for putting it back together and super photos..

Put it all together cycle slide hope it goes click doesnt seem to hard even for a novice.

Chapter 9 Sights

This is a basic what kind there are etc etc and how to adjust poa for windage just basic

chapter 10 Parts

This list all the parts Common to all the models in a kind of check list for a Armorer

Has a pages dealing with the 2 pin 3 pin frames and the slides that can be used amount the models Liek the g-17 3 pin frame can use the slide assy off of a G-17L,G22,G24,G31,G34,G35 Does have a side not about haveing to change mag trigger housing with ejector.

Chapter 11-12

Shooting and holsters your basic stuff

Chapter 13 Performance & Customization

The Trigger job covers relacing the connectors and what parts to polish to smooth it out .. Covers everything to polish in the gun

Also has the add on stock and bipod.

Goes into Aftermarket Trigger componets like the aluminum trigger ..

Also the Letter highlighting with a Crayon whole page to this to funny.

Couple pages on full auto and Carbine conversions And Caliber conversions.

Covers Replacment Metal Guide Rods and replacement springs. Talks about grips mods like Robars which of course you wont do your self and porting..

Chapter 14 Ultimate torture Test

This is a read and i wouldnt want to put any gun though this .. 1k rounds in 17 minutes only problem guide rod melted and broke in the video they say they could see it shot out of the frame during the 6ftf's they had .

Extreem lube test
No lube test
Cement mixer test .. fill it with sand and rock tumble ...shaken not stirred and shoot..

Hammer test can you drive some nails in with the glock and it not fire ..

Good corrosive test
Shoot it with a 22 in the slide .. Did major damage with this onebut still shot...

Drag it with a truck though the rock's and down the asphlt/concreate

Appendix A covers all tech specs up to the G-37 the 45 Gap Ego round ..

Appendix B covers Serial #'s to give you a ideal when you glock was made..

Last few pages lots of legal crap and some good www. links..

Well there it is for what its worth ..

Like it .hate it need to change my format. Not enough info to much info let me know This is my first Review of this Type


As of Right now this is the only guide Ptooma makes Hopefully it wont be the last I wish our service manuals were done this well. :badguy:

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I just got mine this week. The number of misspellings are somewhat irritating (although it's still better than American Handgunner in this regard), but it's a great book.
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