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The Combative Perspective

By Gabe Suarez

5 :toilet:

A Excellent Book Not very long read time less than a few hours really.


Desire For Victory

Kind of self explainatory basically you have to delvope the combat mindset to win never give up.

Elimination of uncertainty
Sub chapters


Covers what you can be liabile for again self explainatory

Nature and intent of Adversary

This is more telling you you kind of have to study records to be able to spot your adversary when you not sure the battle is about to begin ... What he calls a grey Battle

Victim or Victor?
Attitude is Everything..
Need i type more on this chapter

Situational Awareness

This is again know where you are your surrounding dont walk eyes to the ground ... Look for clues that Danger is abound ... Etc etc

Coppers mental Trigger

Basically is the color code system

The OODA Loop

If read about this a few times but not as popular as other tactic items and thats a shame

Basicly it Observe you opponent, Orient youself to the opponent, Decide on a course of action,Act out your Decision...

If you follow the OODA loop you should be ahead of the action curve which is a + for you

Willingness To Act

Explaines its self.

The book is written ina No BS mannor doesnt tell you if you do survive the attack that all will be well youll get the key to the city like some books..

Puts it Bluntly you will more than likely be hurt be it stabbed or shot and you will more than likely be arrested..

Again a must have if for nothing more than a refresher

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