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The Tactical Advantage
By Gabe Suarez

5 :toilet:

A good book more useful to say a officer,Swat,Even a Security Guard.

Has a lot of teamwork stuff and things i will never do.

Dont plan to repel off my one story house to enter it or shoot though a window :biggrin:

Got though a lot of tactict's Im not gonna go into a super long review of each chapter as it is a must read to explain type deal..

In the book he says you should never search a house by yourself but since you will espically if children are in the house i know you will let me tell you the right way to do it.

Challenges a lot of theroys like the quick peek around corners and such goes though a detailed with a bunch of pic and diagrams to show you the proper way to search..

Also goes though CQB
Low light searching
Shooting to move etc etc

Again a must Read im Finding Gabes books are Quite excellent ive got 1 or 2 more to read yet sitting but im reading Handgun Combatives Right now ..
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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