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From a soggy farm field near Cavendish, Idaho, about one hundred heavily armed men (and a few women) took aim at high-explosive targets up to 700 yards away. Joe Huffman, a Seattle software programmer who organizes the annual Boomershoot, uses the event to further gun rights. “I want to give people a reason to get guns and have fun with them,” Huffman told Spokesman-Review reporter, James Hagrengruber on Sunday.

Politics aside, it was way cool to watch, especially the sideshow where they blew an 80-pound anvil 75-feet in the air. To start off the event, organizers had someone shoot at a box of high explosives that was surrounded by a half dozen-gallon jugs a gasoline. The gathered crowd cheered the ensuing fireball loudly. Yes, this is guy stuff at it finest. That said, the people at this event were not what you would expect. Most are professionals who work for companies like Microsoft, Nike. The guns they shoot are precision instruments that need exact calibration and a shooter with a steady aim. After viewing the video, check out the link to James Hagengruber's story below.

The weekend-long event is held each spring in a remote Idaho farm field and is considered a "Magic Kingdom" for serious long-distance shooters, said organizer Joe Huffman, who spends most of his time in Seattle working as a software programmer...
There's a couple minute video, you have to see the anvil. :biggrin2: It's a fairly well written story for a usually anti gun newspaper.

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Just downloading the quicktime file. ..............

I have 10 1 lb tankers of Tannerite for ''enjoyment'' sometime this year - nothing better than (safely) blowing **** up :18:

..................... there we go - now to watch it ...................

Yes indeed - great! And the anvil well - I shall watch that a few times more :evil: :18:

Excellent and good to see folks having great safe fun - that all had to be Tannerite for the main reactives - most satisfying!!

Nice gasoline fireball initially - but that was in current terms about $15 up in flames!
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