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Bought a Skyy today

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I have read the reports about the Skyy CPX-1 here and then posted a thread about the new pistols announce. So I decided to take the plunge and buy one. I won't get to test it until tomorrow afternoon, but will post my results tomorrow evening.

So that I don't get abused for not posting pictures here they are.

Since I was posting pictures I thought that I would show the one that got me started. This is a 1983 Smith & Wesson Model 439. My wife gave it to me for Christmas in 1992. She bought it from her sister's husband. He is a deputy sheriff in Alabama. He bought it from an FBI agent while attending the FBI Academy. It is all original except for the magazine. The 439 originally came with 8 round magazines. Later they released a 9 round magazine and I bought one. There was a 20 round magazine available when the pistol was released, but I have never been able to find one. If you know where I can find one let me know.
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Lots of folks on the forum super curious about Skyy & excited about the great prices.
I would like to hear how the gun does right out of the box. Not to sure on a "double action only" gun that has a safety. But if the gun is a good shooter out of the box then one can not say anything bad about it.

George - hope you'll find that a great lil' gun. Does seem so far folks are well pleased.

You will (on pain of dire concequences) I know, be posting your personal report soon as you have done the range deal! Swab the bore dry but otherwise - just go shoot it! :wink:
frankmako said:
I would like to hear how the gun does right out of the box. Not to sure on a "double action only" gun that has a safety. But if the gun is a good shooter out of the box then one can not say anything bad about it.

Frank, I had some questions about that as well, but when I looked at the pistol I discover that the safety is a trigger disconnect. When in the save position the trigger just pulls and does nothing. Press the safety lever down (the way God intended it :wink: put that in for all our 1911 friends) and the trigger operated the hammer. I tried it 8 or 10 times and each time there was a perfect disconnection of the trigger when moved to safe and a perfect reconnection when the lever is pushed down. I'll test it quite a few times tomorrow when I take it out to fire.

Let me known how you like the gun. I am looking at the new Skyy MPX-9 to replace my Kel-Tec P3AT. It will be out sometime this summer and it will be the same size as the P3AT, and in 9mm. But I just don’t get the safety on a “double action only” gun no matter what Skyy calls it (trigger disconnect). It is one more action that you/I will have to do before the gun is ready. That’s why I am a Glock man. I had to do some work on the Kel-Tec before it was a daily carry gun (backup to my duty backup). But after this the Kel-Tec is with me all the time.

George Congats on your new purchase. I hope it goes well for you. So far Im pleased with mine. Some people report bad experiances with certain types of ammo especially wwb and rem umc. Ive only got 100 rounds through mine so far and 50 of those were wwb and not one malfunction. The trigger is long but very smooth in my eyes. A much better feel than the kel-tec. Im not bashing k-ts I almost got one but when I picked up the skyy it just fit my hand better and at my local gun shop it was about $50 cheaper. And I found the recoil not to bad. Its not a gun to be shot alot but it does shoot well. Let us know how it goes for you at the range. Im looking forward to skyys new pistols coming out this summer. Have a great day Sixgun:hand10:
Unless I'm missing something here, it sounds like the "safety" is a user's option.. This feature may be a nice on a BUG. BG somehow gets your BUG and trys to use it on you, pulls trigger, nothing.. A few seconds gained on your side to react.
The Skyy looks to be a good little BUG or one to carry when dress calls for not much more. I'll have to check out how it compares size wise to the CZ100 that I have.
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