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bought two today

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So I went down to Virginia Arms today to look or buy a gun that would serve as CC plus HD. I wound up buying a real nice 642. It had some factory wood grips on it that made all the difference as far as my middle knuckle not hitting the bottom of the trigger guard, and also letting me get my pinky on it.

Went down to a local range and fired a box of stock 38sp fmj's. I am very out of practice. My groups were about 6" at 20ft. I think I did just as well(poorly) firing by point and shoot as I did using the sights. Oh well, I need practice.
I cut my inner thumb with the first round, on the thumb piece, and bled on it.

Well, I get home, and there's a voicemail from the gunshop telling me that they messed up on the paperwork and to call them. When I called them the owner told me that my backround check didn't come back as approved, and they need me to bring the gun back. ( 45 minute drive each way ).

I said no problem, I know I'll get approved, as my CC permit just got renewed, so not sure why the holdup now, but i'll just wait a few days whatever.

I get to the shop and Bernie meets me and apologizes sincerely for the messup, and told me he would offer me some perc or discount etc... Real nice guy.

So I looked at some more guns while I was there, and saw a model 64 SS. Sweet looking and feeling gun. Nothnig like solid stainless steel !!
I asked the salesman to ask the owner how much he'd take off of it. He came back and said he'd knock $100 off for my trouble, bringing the gun down below $500. They usually never discount the guns beyond what they already have them tagged at, so that seemed like a great deal to me so I snatched it up.

Just a wonderful day all in all. Hadn't shot a gun in probably 2 years, have my old Taurus upstairs loaded with federals, just collecting dust. Now I am going to join the local range and shoot regularly because I see I need the practice, and I have 2 great new guns to practice with.

I just have 3 quick questions.
Do the triggers on the 642 and the Model 64 get a little easier after some practice or do I need to get some smithing done to do that. They seemed a bit stiff to me.

These things don't have a tranfer bar system that I can see, so do you know if it's ok to dry fire them ? The salesman kid said it's fine, but I'm not 100% sure on that. Want to make sure before I damage them.

I don't seem to care much about shooting with the sights at the 7 yard range. It seems that it takes too long to sight it in, and feel like it would be best to learn to just use the barrel and practice point and shoot to see if I can get my groupings consistently within a few inches. Does that seem like a good way to go ?
I'm thinking now of practicing first with the paper real close ( like 5 or 10 feet ) to get the feel of that style, and then move it out to 15 then 20 feet.
Does anybody practice like this or should I spend a significant percentage of my shots using the sights ?
Maybe using the sights will be different with the 4" bbl, I'll find out next week when I get it and shoot it. Man I'm excited. Thanks for listening, sorry it's so long.

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