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bradley campaign and others

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has any one seen this yet the brady campaign

what a load of BULL S!H* look at the state report card for your state if any one else has found stuff like this post it for me cuz i give them what i think about it we wyoming ranked an F all they care about is what laws are in your state not what the true prob. is. wyoming had i think 6 deaths by guns and 5 of them were people killing them selfs i found a site that had this info but i didn't save it if you have a site that say this post it also. i will post it when i find the true numbers.

on the card it's gives grades on "juvenile possesstion law, juvenile sales, child access pervention law, gunsaftey locks and safer design standards, allow cities to regulate guns (nin-preempt)m secoundary "private" sales backgound checks, carrying concealed wepons law, overall grade."

i feel that we need to act on stuff like this and get our voices said about what we think too.

gun laws dosn't say no gun deaths it says more gun deaths this is a fact.
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Damn Texas only got a D-? I was hoping for a big fat F.

I love all their logical inconsistencies. For one thing they say officer don't have any discretion over CCW holders in Texas. Hello? The permits are issed by DPS, a law enforcement agency. Any peace officer explicitly reserves legal right to disarm a CCW licensee. That's quite adequate thank you very much.

I look at sites that like when I feel sorry for myself for being stupid and then I feel better. That site's actually hilarious in a very sad way.
Nevada gets a D? Hell they still let us have silenced and full-auto weapons here, I thought for sure we'd get an F.

These guys really get my dander up. I'm going to stop now before I get on a rant.
Model states such as NJ and CA have some of the highest crime ridden cities in the country....go figure. Basically whatever the Brady Bunch says, do the opposite.
Arkansas only got a D...

dang one feeling is hurt...

I thought we were doing better than that... :sad:
Demonstrably - a load of horse puckey - total crock. Seen this sorta ''appraisal'' and ''scores'' before - it is ludicrous at best. Probably another drain on taxpayer's funds.

Oh - I forgot one word too - laughable !!!!!
Tennessee got a D. :biggrin:

See everybody at the next gun show. :whacko:
I'm proud to say that Montana got a big, fat F! :king:
lol. i see a trend here sometimes people like to fail and I love being at the back helping to leading the crountry :king: lol
Damnit, us rocky mountain gun lovers in Colorado only got a D. What more do we need to do? We're shall issue, no registration, got the make my day law, etc. I guess we need a Vermont style carry law to earn that joyous "F " :Winner2:
That "report card" would actually be pretty useful if you were looking to move to a different part of the country. States with a F would be ideal places to live. I could think of some things to say about the Bradys but I would have to ban myself.... :wink:
Yuck...I feel dirty even going to that site...

Missouri got a D+??? what the hell is up with that? You have to get a permit from the sheriff to buy a handgun, you can't get a CCW until you're 23 and our permits aren't recognized in very many places. How much more restrictive do they have to be to get a "better" grade.
Alright, ID got a big fat F+.

And they don't get it right - people under 18 can have firearms with parental permission, so we deserve a F-. :)
Well moving from Virginia to Missouri improves me from a C- to a D+. So that's good. I hope to move to an F or F- state in the future. :biggrin:

Peoples Republics Of CA, MD and NJ all got A-. Wow! the brady's must have set their ignorance bar to high...Only a A- and not A+....they all must have pissed off the brady's in some way.
What's an F+ anyway. I never got one of those in school, and if i did i'm sure it would have the same effect as an F. If anything they say laughter is good for the health...guess we're all going to be extra healthy this week.
Somehow I imagine that such pillars of personal freedom as China, North Korea, etc all receive an "A+" rating from these mental midgets... :stooges:
--> Shame on my home state of Indiana for the fact that "...Indiana has no state law restricting...rapid fire ammunition magazines. :lolp:

Anybody know where I can pick me up a few of them there "rapid fire ammunition magazines"?!? And here we have been wasting our money all this time on firearms with barrels and chambers and receivers, etc!! With these new-fangled magazines, we can spray an pray to our hearts content with out all the hassle and fuss of carrying a complete firearm! Sounds like a winner to me!

Oh, thank you oh-so-very-much for trying to save us from ourselves...
Here's to you, Sarah Brady! :bigun2:
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