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Brommeland Def Con

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Recently, Gary posted here about some prototype DefCon holsters for 5" 1911s.

He described them as being lightly worn, and was selling them at a reduced price. I was lucky enough to jump on one while he still had some.

I have to take issue with his description of "lightly worn", though. I looked very carefully at this holster, and I'll be darned if I can find any marks or wear on it whatsoever.

The craftsmanship is impressive. This is a fine product indeed. I am carrying my Warrior in it, and even though it was not made for the rail frame, it fits very nicely. The way the belt slots are designed pulls the butt in snugly, and the holster is very comfortable.

The timing on this works out pretty well - I am taking a class Saturday, and I think I am going to wear my new holster. I'll post a full review when I get back from the class.

Meanwhile, let me say this - Gary makes a very high quality product.

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Yeah...Dontcha just hate it when something turns out to be in much better condition than you expected it to be in? :rofl:
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