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Brommeland Tac-Lite.

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Just picked up my new Tac-Lite carrier for my Surefire 6P at the office - it came in two days ago but they forgot to call. :rolleyes: It's my first example of Gary's work and I'm definitely impressed.

The light pouch is built on a curve so it sits naturally on the offside hip and it's completely comfortable without pinching the ol' lovehandles or binding at the waist. This is a high ride "pancake" design and with the bottom edge of the carrier only 1" below the belt it conceals along with the rest of my carry gear. Fit is just a bit snug out of the box (a good thing) but not to the point of needing to "bag" it. The only problem is, the finish is so nice it makes my old gunbelt look sorta crappy - guess I'll have to replace that sometime soon as well (just remembered, I've got a new one coming soon with my HBE J-frame order - cool!).

I'd spoken with Gary previously about getting a MaxCon V or VI after I get my next 1911 but if the DefCon is built on this same curvature I might just get that instead :yup: . In addition to the quality of his work, he's also a pleasure to do business with and bounce ideas off of. I really appreciate the no BS, straight forward attitude you get when discussing carry gear (or anything else for that matter). For anyone out there thinking about ordering, I HIGHLY recommend his work.

Thanks for the leather Gary, I guarantee you'll be hearing from me again soon.
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