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Bud/Euc's "wish list" guns

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Ok Ladies and Gents,
I THINK I've found the gun that Bud and Euc have been looking for, but I'm NOT sure yet. It's a S&W 625ML wheelie gun... 45ACP in 5 inch...soooooo here
ya go Do you think they should "fess up" and buy one?
BTW guys...........<just kidding you, but thought it was something you were lookin for>:biggrin2:
..:danceban: :danceban: :danceban: :danceban:
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Nice looking pistolo there!

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Euclidean said:
You guys are awful... this is all your fault Bud and Bob!
Moi?? my fault?? :haha:
Just gotta be careful of what ya wish for around me :haha:
Next time you're talking with the people at Kittery.. tell em how "evil" I am...LMO
you're not the only one that has mentioned that I'm evil...

BTW I have something in line for Bud as well.. Just that I'm not telling yet.. Ohhhh Budddd??? hehehe.. We have something for you as well.. hehehehe :tongue:
I'm a very evil evil man LOL :banana:
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