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Anyone ever heard of these guys? I just got a catalog in the mail the other day and it peaked my interest. There are lots of novelty medieval style swords, battle axes, ninja stars, throwing knives, collectible knifes, survival and hunting knives... heck, just about any type of knife, sword, dagger or any other sharp object you can think of... they also have some non knife items. They had a 6 pack beer can belt holder :image035: Some pretty spiffy looking shirts, lighters, tazers, and concealable everyday object type weapons.

How are the quality of these knives and swords? I'd be interested in ordering some knives and such, but don't want to do so if they are made of crap.

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I just took a look. Most of it looks like your typical 440 Stainless Made In China stuff. You could do better on Ebay if that is the sort of stuff you're looking for. There is some Cold Steel stuff on there but, that is all Chinese made now also.
Most of it is cheap , less than stellar stuff.
They used to have some decent stuff hidden in the works. I used to go up to their warehouse store. Bought a pair of Benchmade Gamers from there. Now its mostly cheapo stuff.
They have some good stuff, but it's all priced at or above what you can find it for anywhere else. And it's nothing special. Some Kershaws, the occasional Benchmade, some Buck knives, some Camillus and Ka-Bar. The rest of it is mostly garbage.
I get those Bud K catalogs. I'd like to know how they got my address.
Their crappy catalog takin' up space in my mailbox...:hand1:

They have some amusing novelty items (like that 6 pack belt thing) but the knives are all junk. Lots of seriously inferior Spyderco and Kershaw knockoffs.
Fun to read, though nothing worth buying...
Once in a while they have some pretty decent promos, but most of their catalog is novelty crap, with a few real knives hidden in there too. For the most part though, outside of the occasional promo, the prices are pretty average.
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