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building your own ar

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I found a ar lower that is cal legal and was woundering if any style ar upper will work with it want to build a 16 inch carbine style with a flat top this already has the a-4 stock
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most any should work. a bit of slight filing may be needed for the pin holes to line up, but its not usually needed.
if its a colt lower you run into pin size problems but in general i think yes all uppers will fit most lowers
forgot all about the large pin Colt's.
its not a colt thanks fellas going to stqart work on it next week will post pick (this should be funny lol) since iv never built one aside from taking one apart to clean it iv never tore one compleatly apart so i can see some trial and eror also read ar for dummies that was posted eirler that should help

This might help ya too. AR's are fairly easy to work on.
obtw another? can you make a striper clip work for reloading since this is basicly an internal mag like just to load rounds like an sks
What is a california legal model? What is the diff?
Rugerman said:
What is a california legal model? What is the diff?
Cali requires a closed magwell, IIRC.

SSS, the best thing I can think of would be having a smith put a couple of stainless steel bushings in your pin holes, and using quick-takedown pins, to allow you to flip the upper open, and shove some rounds in. There is a Cali-compliant sub-culture growing, so someone may have come up with a stripper-clip conversion, but I haven't heard about it. As above, is your best resource.
thanks all for the info as usual verry helpfull i love this place lol
rugger we can own one just has to have an internal 10 rnd mag so you push the rear pin and flip the upper up to load
Enjoy your AR, too bad Cali doesn't trust ya with a detachable mag gun.
like you couldnt do damage with 10 rnds to think we elect thease dodos no offence to the bird
an up date a buddy of mine i got my lower from said cali doj is going to outlaw thease lowers in the next month or two and you wount be able to buy or sell the ones you got i dont understand this crap i hate this state some times i just dont get it it complies with all the regs and still there going to outlaw it
You've gotta move to a free state, snake.

I feel for ya. I really do.

belive me if my mom wasnt old and ill i would move but as the only resposable un married son it falls to me to look out for her if i can talk her into it i have a job offer in fla would love to move
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