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Bulman Gunleather SDS

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Bulman Gunleather SDS
Straight Drop Scabbard

I ordered this holster on July 12th, 2008 with a projected delivery date per the website of 14 - 16 weeks which would project delivery to around November of 2008. February 7th, 2009 my holster finally arrived.

I have to tell you that this holster was defiantly worth the wait. The fit and finish of the holster is one of the best I've ever seen. While this holster was very snug my Springfield Professional went in smoothly and seated with a snap, not unlike a kydex holster. I prefer a 3 O'clock carry and this holster holds tightly to the body and it hides well under a loose t shirt. The holster retains the firearm snugly while not hampering the draw in the slightest.

I've been using this holster for the last 8 months and it has become my favorite OWB holster.

If you can stand the wait and lack of communication with the Maker this is a very worth while Holster.
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I have heard nothing but good things about the Bulman product, but it is knwn that his wait times are EXTREMELY long. Nice rig.
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