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Bushmaster or Colt

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A feller at work is leaving to go back to a drug squad. He wants to buy an AR-15 with his leave check. He was looking at Bushmasters online yesterday, but the local cop has Colts for about the same price I believe (in M4 configuration).

Which brand would you rather have and why? We are probably going to the shop tomorrow or Friday.
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i have a bushmaster and have no exp with a colt ar but my Bushy has been a great gun no problems at all and probley 8k rounds though it shoots excellent ... wouldnt mind to have a colt though either tough choice

Colts have a reciever that is "blocked" whereas the Bushy has the standard non politically correct reciever...
I am no expert on either but a Bushy would be my choice, due to accrued info and comments over time.
Bushie, just because of the politics of colt. They don't seem to want civilian business.
Amen to that...

they are overpriced anyway...
Put me down as another vote for Bushmaster.

What are you referring to when you say "blocked" receiver?


They don't seem to want civilian business...
OK, why do you say this?
If I could only have one, it would be a Colt.
It means that if you ever wanted to put a drop in sear in there you couldnt do it with a Colt. With most other brands you can.

All forum members should be reminded of the fact that there are some very specific and strict Federal Laws on the books governing the use and possession of "drop in" sears and the critical parts that could be used to convert any firearm from semi to select fire or fully automatic.
Just being in possession of those uninstalled conversion sear/parts is considered by the A.T.F. to be the same as owning an illegal machine gun. The violation is serious and the penalties are confiscation of firearms, heavy fines, ~ or imprisonment...or all three.

I see, you're talkin Class III. Gotcha.
I have had both

and while I am a Colt fan at heart my current rifle is a Bushmaster and I absolutely love it. Accurate, tight, handles well. For the money have him get a .02 worth. Hope it helps
With a Bushmaster you can use standard MILSPEC parts and they will fit. With COLT there are many parts that will not fit unless they are COLT. So, that's why I bulit mine on a Bushmaster lower.
cjm5874 said:
With a Bushmaster you can use standard MILSPEC parts and they will fit. With COLT there are many parts that will not fit unless they are COLT. So, that's why I bulit mine on a Bushmaster lower.

Colts are well made but as cjm said, bushmasters are more Milspec. For example....Some colt lower recievers won't accept milspec uppers because their takedown pins are sized different. Also some good aftermarket match trigger upgrade kits will not fit into a colt lower.
When I checked last Colt would not sell an AR with Bayo lug ,ect to civilians. Just check their website, it isn't really civilian buying friendly either, IMO. Nothing wrong with their functioning though. Just my personally ideals, but same reasoning why I won't buy Ruger anymore(will not sell hi cap. mini 14 mags). For more aR info try AR 15 .com
The State of Connecticut is now part OWNER of Colt. They have a say about whether Colt will sell "assault weapons" to civilians.
OD now that is the perfect reason to not buy a COlt. Any company part owned by "the state" starts sounding like you are in a communist country!!!!
I"m sorry that I will have to be very vague here but---- I have a close friend that is very high upper management at Bushmaster. I have hunted and fished with this person when I was a guide in Maine. My first dealings with BFI was when they had a fairly small store in Portland,Maine. Back then you could walk in the storeroom/showroom and dig through the bins of parts. They had parts for not only the AR but AK's,HK91's,HK93's,"assault" type shotguns,MAC's,and others. The company has,over the years, had to fight the politically correct fight but they have stayed true to the everyday shooter and rifle builder. To this day you can walk into their building in N.Windham Maine and talk to a riflesmith ref. a AR that you are building. Although for security reasons you can't walk through the isles of parts and accessories,you can still buy parts and talk to the people that build the weapons. I assure you that they have stayed comitted to our shooting and gun ownership rights since I first walked through their isles in early 1982. I own three different configured BFI AR's and love them all. Their weapons systems are first rate as are their aftermarket (and OEM) parts for their other battle rifles. Bushmaster Firearms sells twice as many AR type weapons, to the little guys like us,than Colt. Colt does more buisness with the big contracts. Bushmaster is slowly overtaking Colt in this area also. Bushmaster is the individual weapon buyer's friend. They want our buisness and will(have)keep true to guys like you and me. I reccommend Bushmaster !----------
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C.E. Have your LEO buddy take a look at the BFI Carbon 15 series of weapons. I have a Type21 with approx. 2K rds.through it and not a burp. It's a true 1.5MOA weapon with the right ammo. I'd bet my life on one. CTTOI I have ! -----------
I haven't talked to him in a while. He's supposed to be calling me when he gets readu to buy.
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