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Buying a second G26 from home

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I travel for work, and don't want to have to go through the hassle of checking my firearm every week, so I'm going to purchase another G26 for CC and home use since I can leave my other one at the house I'm staying at. I've checked around soem shops in Denver and here's what I've found:

Used 26 with laser @ small shop: $600
New @ small shop: $550
New with night sights, small shop: $629
New @ major retailer: $500
New @ major retailer: $499

I want some opinions on what you'd choose. The laser sounds cool but not something I need. I'd rather give my money to a local dealer but the major retailers do have better prices and that does effect my decision. I'm looking to buy this weekend so some quick replies would be appreciated.
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The "local" retailer (of any type) will usually get my business consistently IF, and only IF, they add value of some kind. For instance - more personalized, higher quality service. The willingness to "special order" for me. A better relationship - willingness to go "above and beyond", watching the market for me, sharing their experience and technical expertise, sharing their valuable time. The intangibles I can't get and don't expect at Wal-Mart or Gander Mountain or Dick's Sporting Goods or Academy Sports.

Having said that, my "Local Shop" guy sent me to Academy to buy 9mm for $3-5 per 50, rather than pay his price. He is looking out for me (and I test him occassionally - LOL!), so I repay him within reason when I take HIS TIME, pick his brain, and rely on his experience and judgment - by buying from him. I generally pay a little bit more - within reason - but its a fair trade IMHO. I am not against saying to him something like "Gander has that Mossberg 500 persuader priced at $265 - can you come close to that and order one for me?" If he wants to - he will (he always has), if not - well - he won't.

Long answer (my wife owned her own retail business BTW), but that's how I feel - I work with the independents to do my part to keep them vibrant and healthy, and to compete with the big boys. The big boys, only competing on price, have to do it that way (price) everday all the time.

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i usually buy from my local gun pusher because he usually has the best deal with in hour to hour and a half with gas staying 2.49 on avg the drive doesn't save me money any more .. Gas made it to 2.89 yesterday

Also he give me 3 months free range time ever time i buy a gun ... one more gun this year and all of 200 is free and part 2007
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