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CA CCW Application--help me!

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I recently filled out my CCW forms here in Bakersfield,CA. The remaining part is the essay spelling out my need for one. I go to work at 3am and have been confronted by drunk or high homeless men asking for money. i fear soon that they will eventually try to rob me. how do i work this properly so i dont sound like a cowboy?
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You'll get some good help with that here.

Some kindly forum member will "word that up" for you much better than I could do it.

Keep checking back. :yup:
I could tell you mine. I live arround a bunch of illegal mexicans that are selling drugs 2 houses down from me and when I first moved into my house on the 2nd day I got a gun pulled on me for some stupid ****, he was askin me "where you from?! Where you from?!" My girlfriend is a professional Track and field runner and she has had stalkers also.
i put on mine and was aproved that i wanted to be able to defend my self and my loved ones at all times since the supream court ruled its not the responsabilaty of law enforcment to protect me and mine and i work and traval to and from some of the most lawless parts of california where work mates of mine have been beaten and robed such as pitsburg cal martinez vallajo ect sout sf
I would keep it short and sweet noting the fact that you work at odd hours when crime is high and numerous "street" people are present and that you fear for you safety as the police can't be everywhere at once. I don't know that I would include the fact that the police aren't responsible for my protection as that may sound a little bit "aggresive". State your concerns truthfuly and I'm sure that it will work out. Good luck!!
um didnt mean to sound agresive just pointed out that it is the rulling of the high court that personaql safty is just that personal resposabilaty but its just what i put on mine but diffrent sherifs in difrent countrys are going to have difrent criteria
State all of the facts that you have and find out how long it would take for the police to get to your house in the case of an emergency and note that. If you live out in the country that is much better. If you have ever been threatened due to your job or on the way to your job. If you know anyone in law enforcement that can give you a reference letter that tells that they have discussed the awesome responsibility of carrying a firearm with you that will help.
Digging through some old threads. Interesting stuff but almost all of it still very relevant.

In California all that was listed above is defined as personal defense. PD will not work in general. You need to show Good Cause. Basically what makes you more of a target for a BG as compared to the average person.

Keep in mind California is "May Issue" state with generaly the county sheriff making the call. However reality is, some counties are Shall Issue all the way to other counties being for all intents and purposes No Issue.

My explanation of Good Cause above is based on a sheriff that is fair as far as interpreting "May Issue".

Check out a new site dedicated to helping responsible Californian's get their California CCW.
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