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CA Gun Range Closing!!

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I suppose we will have to commute to other states to enjoy our rights as Americans.
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This why I am glad Virginia has protected ranges. We have grandfathering clauses and a bill this year that would prevent the sound from being an issue as well.

I always maintain a clean cut appearance. When I deal with the politicians I always wear a nice suit or jacket and tie with slacks. I do not dress in camoflage except when hunting. When I work at the gun store I look more like a business professional than gun store employee. I don't wear a tie at the gun store, but a leather blazer which is part of my concealed carry wardrobe.

It is unfortunate that people are so judged by their appearance. Some of the most articulate people I know on firearms issues are ones who fit the stereotypical view from the anti-rights crowd. :frown:

I find it disturbing in the news release that the chair was insulting towards the citizens who came to the meeting. Unfortunately typical of the anti-rights crowd who railroads and insults anyone who opposes their view of things.

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