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This is another good reason to handload. In fact, casting your own bullets might be better.

At the sporting goods store where I set up, one of the shotgun guys told me we are down to just a few boxes (of 1,000 each) 209 shotgun primers--and he doesn't know when a replcement shipment is scheduled. Our neighboring store in the chain are now doing inventory and cannot transfer products.

Back when my friends and I were 'paranoid' we stocked up. I haven't bought components in five years. I'm down to a few thousand .22LR's, but in my neck of the woods there's plenty.

Wisconsin is a strange state. By the square mile, we are predominently conservative hunters, fishermen and bikers. The capitol of Madison is run by liberals who think the Vietnam War is still going on.

What troubles me about silly liberal end-runs on firearms in California is that it might spur the liberals to try it in my state. We have already had two attempts by the university folks to define and enforce hate speech. Both attempts were shot down, for now.

I believe that they wil try anything. For example, we are not as yet restricted on how much 'metal slag' can be set out for public garbage pick-up. I heard rumors of 20 pounds per year coming up as an 'environmental issue.' Strangely, an 'environmental issue' also came up about target ranges and ground water.

I immediately smelted most of my lino into 'pure' ignot bars. No slag is then produced during casting. This won't do much good if ranges are closed.

We already have strict air quality codes for indoor ranges.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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