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Can a DOA trigger be lightened?

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Hi guys (and gals)

While I enjoy hitting the range and I carry quite a bit, I'm by no means a gunsmith. I can field strip my pistols and that's about it. So, please excuse this basic question:

I bought a S&W 457 (.45) a while ago and, in addition to throwing some night sites on it, I had the factory convert it to DOA for me (I just can't shoot a traditional double action under pressure). I would estimate the trigger is now atleast 10-12lbs. I was wondering if this can be adjusted to the 7-6lbs range?

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Some DAO mechanisms lend themselves better to having their pull weights reduced over others. For example, according to Beretta gunsmith David Olhasso, the DAO Berettas can be smoothed, but not lightened so much.

I understand from a couple of gun rag articles that DAO S&W trigger pull weights can be reduced; don't know by how much though.

I'm sure a gunsmith with S&W experience can tell you....did you ask S&W if they could reduce the weight?
The performance center at smith might do it or you might try novaks or one of the other gunsmiths
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