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Not To Go Ga~Ga Over Massad Ayoob Here

But, he did write a few Gun Ragazine articles where he named actual court cases were used as examples of court gun modification troubles.
I think one or two other writers did the same also.
Massad would travel around & testify in various court cases as an expert witness.

The jury is still out with me on this subject. All of my defensive carry firearms are basically stock.
Right now...My "carry ammo" is the also exactly the same as what most of my local Police Depts use. That would be Speer Gold Dot.
I am probably being overly cautious.

I said this in the previous thread & I'll say it again. CYBB ~ Cover Your Bum Bum - When you send your pistol off to a custom gunsmith to have trigger work done...Enclose a formal Signed Dated Cover Letter Requesting a SAFE TRIGGER PULL of XXX pounds. Keep a copy for yourself.
One CAN probably also make the argument that a trigger pull that is TOO HEAVY & or gritty could also be Unsafe.
That would be if an excessively heavy trigger would cause inaccurate shot placement which could cause a miss & an innocent bystander to possibly be injured.
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