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My take on it is that perception is reality. A lot of potential jurors are either afraid of or just plain dislike big black scary-looking guns. I don't want to give these folks the perception that I'm a maniac looking to carve another notch in the grips of my custom compensated, lasermax, surelight, forend grip, holo sight G17 with the bayonet lug welded on the extended barrel and a 30 rd mag full of black talons. Just me here, but that's not the kind of fodder I want to give to a bleeding heart looking to make a political statement at my expense. I'll also leave my "born to kill" t-shirt at home on court day.

So an unnecessarily long answer to a great question... I'm comfortable with the trigger/action jobs on some of my pistols, but too far beyond that and I think you open yourself up for possible grief.

[on edit] I don't actually have a gun like this, or even a G19. Just a worst-case "for instance..." If you do have one, please post a pic, because I'm dying to see that sucker!! dh
1 - 1 of 20 Posts
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