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Can you recommend a few holsters to me? (Kimber 1911)

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Hi again group!

You all have proved over and over again that you are helpful when I have questions. So... I have another question!

I recently purchased a Kimber Stainless Pro Carry II (With Night Sights) and I'm awaiting it's arrival. In the meantime, I would love to hear your favorite few suggestions for holsters. The forums have a TON of recommendations, so I'm trying to narrow down the field based on this firearm.

I'm looking at buying 3-5 different holsters to get me started with this firearm. I'm needing to go IWB and my dress is mostly business casual. However, I sometimes get to wear jeans with untucked shirts. Also, I'm of medium build... 175 pounds.

So, what 3-5 holsters can you recommend?

MANY thanks in advance!
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Well Jeff, you are going to get as many suggestions as there are holsters.

My suggestion for OWB is a Sam Andrews Hybrid Saddle Holster.

For IWB either an Andrews McDaniel Holster w/body shield and cross-draw options or Gary Brommeland's Max Con V. I'm waiting delivery on my Max Con.

I have 2 hybrid saddle holsters for my 4 and 5 " 1911's as well as a pair of McDaniels for them as well.

One thing to remember is to spend some money on a good belt as well. A good holster is only as good as the belt that supports it.

Good luck,
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Jeff - you are spoiled for choice :smilez:

A peek at Kevin's site will easily give you some ideas and a few folks here have such rigs. Gary too will have options as will Eric Larson and I think Mark Garrity.

More than likely folks here will have examples of what will suit - watch this space :wink:
Simple - anything with Gary Brommeland's name on it.

Check out the Max-Con V for IWB, and the Def-Con for OWB.

His stuff is first rate.

I was going to suggest Brommeland gun leather but Matt beat me to it. I have 3 of his Max Con V's and a magazine holder - love them all. . Do a search on Brommeland and see what forum members have had to say about Gary Brommrland and his products. I also have one of Sam Andrews holsters and his are superb as well . A search on Andrews will yield similar results as Brommeland.
I can personally recommend Gary Brommeland's leather. I have a couple Max-Con V's and a Def-Con OWB. Please do yourself a favor and get a quality gunbelt. Do not forget a mag pouch.

Josh Bulman also make some very nice stuff. My wife has a rig from him.
all good suggestions so far , i will pitch in the galco miami classic rig for thoes times that nothing else quite works as well tho that isnt quite as much a concern in so ca , i normaly wear mine during winter when i want to keep the coat partialy zipped
I have carried my Kimber Pro size gun in a Milt Sparks Versa Max II for quite some time now.
I doubt I will ever carry in anything else. It's that good.:Winner2:
Good luck. :smile:
Sidearmor IWB with a shirttucker attachment.
Practicing double taps.
Jeff, I won't repeat the recommendation of K&D you'll get plenty of those.

I will recommend Mark Garrity.

If you drive much you will find that strong side carry and seatbelts do not work together. Mark makes a specialty holster called the called the C & D Crossdraw that is designed to slip on when you get into the vehicle and off when you get out. You just put your pistol in the C & D Crossdraw and drive. It puts the pistol in perfect position for using while in the vehicle.
I recommend Gary's Max Con V for IWB carry. I love mine and I carry a Kimber 1911. I also like Andrews monarch shoulder rig. I use a smart carry holster for deep concealment or with running type pants, but NOT with my 1911, as the beaver tail grip safety makes it uncomfortable for me. I have oh...a roof over my tools, and the grip safety digs in good. you might not have that problem...but if I had to buy just one holster, I would buy the MAX CON V of brommelands....hands down.
I have Milt Sparks but have been blown away by the brommeland service grade pics and reviews here. Looks like quality, quality, quality, and a whole lot for the $. Good luck and happy carrying!
Well, here's another one. I bought a Tucker last year for my Nighthawk and love it....form, fit, and function is excellent. Darn nice to like at too. I've ordered another one for my newly acquired CZ RAMI. Although my Kimber Eclipse Pro II fits it nicely, I usually wear a Galco Scout IWB with it. The Galco is good holster and modestly priced. Oh, yeah, it was mentioned before, but worth a repeat here. Get a darn good belt.:redface:

Mark Garrity holsters
and Gary Brommeland
look at the galco brand they have a good set of holsters for carry
I say go with a maxcon v its the best IWB there is IMO for a fullsize 1911 pistol. I plan on having gary make me one for the colt commander I plan to buy soon. A great rig get one you won't be sorry,wearing it will make you a believer I carry a full size 1911 without any issues wearing only a polo shirt and cargo or jean shorts.
Gary Brommeland's Service Grade Max-Con V for IWB and a Service Grade Def-Con for OWB. Those two holsters alone will take care of at least 95% of your carry needs. Use the cash you were planning on spending for those other three holsters to buy a CDB belt and single (or double) mag pouch from Gary and you'll be set for several years. :yup:

I also placed my order yesterday for a horizontal shoulder rig from Matt Del Fatti. Beautiful work and I needed one for those times I'm waist deep in the trout stream wearing chest waders ... puts the ki-bosh on belt rigs in that circumstance.

Kevin at K&D and Mark Garrity also have several good designs to choose from. Pick your favorite flavor, hard to go wrong with any of these master craftsmen.
I'm going along with acparmed on the Sam Andrews hybrid saddle holster. I just recently received mine and I love the way it carries my Kimber TLE II.
after a lifetime of swearing by galco i recently purchased my first alessi (CLICK HERE for pictures) and it definately wont be my last. i think its the finest piece of leatherwork ive ever seen.
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