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Can't believe it

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:banana: Went to a gun show in Nov. and bought 6 raffle tickets, from Friends of NRA , forgot all about it and just got a phone call that I won the grand prize a Remington 870 Marine WOW cant still belive it:banana:
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Congratulations! :hand10:

Great prize to win :image035:
Thats Sweet maybe ill get lucky i just entered a raffle tonight
Great! Congrats!:banana:
Nothing much better than winning a gun!

In same year I won my Savage 99C and - an L1A1 - that won't happen again in a hurry!

Congrats on that 870 - very nice surprise to get! :smilez:
Congradulations on the latest acquisition. I've never been that lucky but it's nice to hear someone is having a better run.:smile:
Hey Congrats!

Shoot It In Good Health! :biggrin2:
Buy Lottery're on a winning streak.
That is sweet my friend. Enjoy it.
I am hoping to win a CX Storm from one of our Gun groups, will have to fit a longer barrel to keep it out of the restricted class.
Congratulations! That's way better than finding $5 in the laundry!
congrats !!!!!!
Feeling lucky-----------congrats
Dude you rock!
Congratulations! Enjoy!!!:congrats:
Winnig a gun

Awsome Ive been entering cotests for along time and cant win squat. Enjoy that new gun. Sixgun:hand10:
Who won the Sig 226??

That's a nice win, congrats! :35:
That'll certainly make a fine day!! :congrats:
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