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ExSoldier said:
I saw this years ago and wondered if the product is still around and if anybody here has seen it?

It was a device that allowed the car to be started from an "off" engine or activated by the driver in a carjack situation by tripping a hidden switch. Within 100 fet of the actual movement of the vehicle, it stops and acts like it's having mechanical trouble. While folks might not, and in fact probably won't stop for a crime in progress, a disabled motorist brings lots of attention pretty quick. :theyareontome: :ticking: The car just rumbles and strains to turn over. You'd prolly NEVER figure out it's for theft deterrence. Which to me is a great concept! Imagine telling a BG: Please STEAL this POS and then watch said carjacker taking the car and rolling 100 feet and then the engine quits in heavy traffic!:theyareontome: You can wave from just out of range and sweetly call out: I tooooold you soooooo.
Most car alarms these days have some form of anti-carjacking capability.
Usually, they work by hitting a button within 30 seconds of starting the car. if you don't hit the button, the alarm will go off while the person is driving. Others will cut off the ignition so that the car cannot be started again unless the killswitch is depressed, or a button combination on the remote is pressed.

I custom-rigged something when I was living in a rotten part of california. I rigged a relay that would disable the fuel pump if one of the extra channels on the alarm was activated. This actually saved my car from a carjacking. I gave up the car, and ran, and hit the button combination on my remote. The car sputtered and stalled about 1/2 mile away.

This is not recommended as the car can stop in a dangerous area, like a freeway, or an intersection, but I honestly didn't care if the bad guy gets into a deadly accident while stealing my car.
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