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Is there a holster system that mounts in your vehicle? If my gun is in my holster on my hip, its hard to get to with the seat belt and my shirt in the way. Right now the only alternative is to put my gun on the seat next to me. If I slam on the breaks my gun will go flying. This is unacceptable.
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i got a car holster from nothing more than velcro that sticks to what ever in the car...the holster is a soft holster that sticks to the velcro....i bought one for my van and mounted it on the great and it does stay even while slamming on the breaks...they do have suggestions on some places to mount it...
Fobus makes a car/home mount for their holsters. May be a little more permanent than you are looking for though.

I modified a pistol rug and it fits between my Cap\'t Chair (feeling like Capt Kirk at the helm of the Excursion) and my center console and I have practiced draws/presentations with it, and it is pretty quick.

Now I just need to decide on a way to secure when I amnot allowed to carry into an establishment.


My choice is simple.....gun stays in holster on my person. when driving a crossdraw holster is used.
I thought about this but I\'m staying with either crossdraw belt holster or shouder rig.

When I exit the vehicle I need to have the gun on me anyway. I have driven long distances and this is very comfortable - at least to me it is...

Here is exactly what you are looking for.

The Carjacker Crossdraw is what you want.
I also either keep it on me pr slide it up under armrest.. under armrest wont go flying if i slame the breaks and you also cant see it so works out well... Yeah i drive a old mans car with a big armrest in the center
I second the Andrew's rig. I use it on short trips when I'll be getting in and out. For long hauls, I use a shoulder rig.

Dan Sam Andrews makes a crossdraw holster specifically designed to be fastened to the seatbelt. I think it's called the carjacker special. Sam's got great stuff, but it's not on the cheap side. However, this is a pretty unique solution.
Imade a belly band type of thing that simply goes around my thigh while i'm driving.
the gun is at my fingertips whenever i may need it.

stop the car, unwrap thigh band. throw in glovebox/console, inseert gun in hidden holster and i'm off.

here in ohio they wrote a dumma$$ clause that the gun hasta be open in a motor vehicle. ok for cars but i sure get loks when i'm on my motorcycle with all my biker leathers on with a pistol strapped to my leg as open as i can get it for the po-po-man
I have been looking for a car holster or arrangement. I have ran across a couple others that aren't listed here so I thought I'd post them so others can have as wide of a selection as possible.

This one is like the Andrews Crossdraw Carjacker, also pricey:

These holsters from ThunderWear are like the SmartCarry products, except they have one that allows you to carry two guns:

And I think the link someone else posted to the Fobus mount was broken, here's one that works:

Here's one that straps around the bottom portion of your seat, placing the gun grip-up in the front of the seat between your legs:

This looks like a mounted gun-rug from Grassburr:

I think I'm going to try that Andrews Crossdraw for the car and would like to try a SmartCarry or ThunderWear setup too.
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I have a paddle holster from K&D that is really nice. I take it off in the car and hang it on the pocket of the door. It fits nice and stable there and is in a perfect position for me to grab with either hand if needed. It depends on your doors and pockets whether or not it will be stable, it isn't on my wife's car door, but may be an option for you. When I get where I'm going the holster comes off the door and back on the hip before getting out of the car.

If I am carrying IWB and don't have the paddle I usually take it out of the holster and place the gun under my left leg. It is more comfortable than having the gun press into my back while driving and remains concealed yet accessable. Just be very muzzle aware while moving the gun from holster to leg and back as it is easy to sweep your leg.
Safepacker is designed so it fits on an auto's seat belt. I have never used one but some of my friends who do swear by them for carrying in a car.

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I would reccommend that whatever you choose.......choose to stay concealed. At the red light you don't want some guy driving a 18 wheeler look down to see a pistol or revo on your seatbelt or in your lap. I would also add ..... the rest of us here don't need that either. Thanks in advance. ---------
C&D = oh my.......sorry the attractive young woman modeling the C&D distracted me somewhat....
What to do when driving has and will always be a problem. A. you want to always stay concealed. B. You never want a bad guy to gain access to your gun. C. When I need it I need to get to it. I have solved this problem by simply being aware of my surronding when driving and stopped at red lights. Secondly, always, always, make sure that you can see the bumper of the truck or car that is in front of you. Why because this allows you to escape head down and gas to the floor. Most people are car jacked because they are unaware.

There is an old movie called " Boyz in tha Hood" and the guy is caught "sleeping" or unaware of his surrondings at Mcdonalds and is car jacked for his car. Always have a plan of escape and the ability to escape. So, if that means jumping a median, trashing your car or truck, do it. You can get another truck but not another you. Finally, lock your doors and keep your windows up. This is very simple but is rarely done. Also remember that if some one is successful in getting into your car, drive like a maniac. My philosophy is this if you come to my car with a pistol and you are obviously a BG. Then I am showing you mine. :aargh4: War Face....
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I was also a bit distracted while looking at the cross-draw holster on the Garrity site. I did eventually get a good look at it though.

The crossdraw holsters look like the most comfortable options. They appear to be snap-on holsters that don't have to be threaded onto your belt. They give easy and quick access.

The crossdraw holsters do appear to be less concealed for those who are concerned with that while driving.

I'm not so concerned about concealment while driving because its really only visible to someone who is getting very close to me, which is not too likely. Plus my windows are VERY dark.
Yeh, I'm resurrecting an old thread, but I have been searching for a better way to carry in my vehicle also and found this website .. It uses your existing holster and mounts where-ever you want to put it, including on your bedrails if you so desire.
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