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Care package FROM Afghanistan

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I was at our church Christmas play last night. I saw a young man (who actually dated my daughter for a short season) I haven't seen for a while. He is now newly married (for 3 months) and is scheduled to be deployed to Afghanistan in September.

We discussed some our my new toys and a few other shocking revelations about being married. ("Women are interesting creatures"). The discussion turned to his deployment. He offered to send me a care package from Afghanistan. He said he would ship me any AKs he "finds" just laying around.

Whether he actually finds any is one question, but what are the legalities, rules and regulations about doing such a thing? It would be cool, but only if it is all above board.
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He was "funning" you. You can't do it. The days of "bring backs" are long gone.
Both of you would be risking your freedom.
There are ways to get stuff back, but it's damn near impossible. And even if you do know a way to do it, it's risky as hell, and not worth the consequences. I had an AK and several RPG's (no warheads) over there. I knew a way I could get them back to America, and as much as I'd LOVE a free AK and some souvenirs, I wasn't willing to risk my freedom for them.

I wish we still lived in a day where we could bring back toys from deployments.
And now that you guys mentioned it, it would be full auto. :hand5:

Although an RPG could come in handy. :rolleyes:
Can you spell..F E D E R A L F E L O N Y ?? That has been a NO-NO since,at least Grenada when a couple of army Blackhawk pilots tried to sneak some Cuban AK's back from the Island. They're probably out by now!
Had a Devil Dog friend of mine who is now an LEO, that was very much attempting to do that. Very luckily he had a very "understanding" CO who said that stuff needs to disappear back to where it came from or I will be forced to due my sworn duty. He canned the idea and never got anything back...that he is admitting to.
You can't do it. Don't even think about it.

Thread closed.
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